What changes occurred through the production run?


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The CS saw minor changes over the 1968 to 1975 production run. The model year timeline below is not exhaustive, and is subject to edits/corrections:

1969: Change from red rear signals to amber

1970: Front seat gets aluminum backrest trim

1971: 3.0 CS Intro
1971: 3.0 CSI Intro
1971: 3.0 CSI chassis modifications (minor)
1971: 3.0 CSL Intro (carbureted)
1971: 3.0 gauge cluster font
1971: Front seat tilt moves to backrest

1972: Washer fluid nozzle relocation
1972: Chrome tail panel to aluminum
1972: Headrest update

1973: Hazard button relocation
1973: Window motor & wiring change
1973: Window switch change
1973: US 2.5 mph bumpers
1973: US 2.5 mph fender hole relocation
1973: US license plate light relocation
1973: FPS 20 spoke wheel intro

1974: Four bar kidney grille
1974: Black windshield wipers
1974: US chassis reinforcements
1974: US 5 mph bumpers
1974: One piece carpet
1974: Front/rear seat upholstery design
1974: Door panel upholstery design
1974: Parcel Tray carpet addition
1974: Trunk carpet change
1974: Adjustable steering column
1974: Manual Trans Bell housing update
1974: Manual Trans Slave update
1974: Manual Trans pivot/fork/clip/throw out
1974: Fuel Tank (drop in)
1974: Fuel Return Line
1975: 2.5 CS Intro
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Changes from 73 to 74 3.0CS US/NA market specific. Please give me your thoughts but be prepared to prove I am mistaken, I can be stubborn!

Mechanical and Engine Bay Changes
  • Bell housing and slave cylinder from round slave to bolt on slave, T/O bearing and release arm revised
  • EGR plumbing added above valve cover, exhaust manifolds revised, added emissions dashpots and vacuum hoses
  • Emissions sticker added to heater fan cover
  • Motor mounts get added Stop Brackets
  • Zenith carbs and Thermo Starter Valve revised
  • Clamp holding Carbon Filter revised
  • Sheet metal exhaust manifold covers replace cast aluminum
  • Small plastic plugs added to inner fender seam near struts
  • Ignition coil and mounting bracket revised
  • A/C compressor is rotary style, no damping muffler needed in engine bay, belt changed
  • A/C drier bracket added below ignition coil, radiator has temp sensor on passenger side to turn on condenser fan at preset temp
  • Radiator and lower radiator hose revised
  • BW Automatic gets a plastic overflow tank on passenger side of engine bay, dipstick and tube revised for hose
  • Pedal box/booster mount changed, brake and clutch pedals and pads narrower
  • Fuel tank enlarged from 70 to 72L, now mounted from below trunk, fuel return line added from carbs to tank
  • Fan clutch changed from mechanical to viscous, fan also changes at 4310304 and 4335367
  • Coolant tank may have changed to plastic from painted brass requiring different coolant hose to manifold
  • Wiper motor gets a plastic cover
  • Tension strut nut changed from castle nut to locking nut
  • Steering shaft changed to accommodate adjustable column
  • Front stabilizer bar increased to 23mm from 17mm, clamp and rubber bushing enlarged
  • Rear stabilizer bar became optional and may not have been ordered by Hoffman
  • Rear subframe mount changed from universal to right and left handed

Interior and Trim Changes

  • Upper door vinyl changed from basketweave to perforated
  • One piece carpet introduced during production, rear parcel shelf is now carpet instead of black vinyl
  • Seat pleats changed from vertical to horizontal, shoulder is now sewn and not tucked, headrest post caps are now black?
  • Lower seat is longer
  • Horseshoe shaped chrome trim on bottom of seat is now metal instead of chromed plastic and much thicker
  • Autoflug seatbelts have a new male tongue and receivers have revised shape with red pushbuttons
  • Front seatbelts have retractor inside rear armrest cover which is wider with a slot for the belt with a hook under the rear quarter window and a movable triangle to keep belts elevated at shoulder height
  • Steering column adjustable in and out with lever under column, upper and lower covers changed and are now plastic
  • Ignition lock revised
  • Steering wheel changed to four spoke faux leather with padded center hub
  • Brushed aluminum trim on dash rail is now one long piece instead of two pieces
  • Shift platform now holds the rear defrost switch instead of wiper speed, wiper speed functions moved to the right side stalk
  • Turn signal switch moved to left side of column
  • Hood release door has a receptacle for a rechargeable flashlight
  • Roof mounted grab handle covers may have changed to a longer style sometime during late production
  • Electric outside mirrors become available as an option at 4310329 and 4335392
  • Changes made to wiring harness, wire thickness changes, low beam/fog relay added, A/C fan switch revised which eliminates change-over relay at fuse block, seat belt interlock system added (relay under rear passenger seat)
  • No trunk caddy due to bumper supports, trunk boards narrower due to frame bracing
  • Toolbox is now a stronger one piece plastic with no lid, just foam on trunk lid
Exterior Changes
  • US/NA market coupes get a 5 mph shock absorbing bumper, front frame rail wider and long supports added inside trunk with longer plastic elephant skin covers
  • Kidney grille gets an 8 slat black plastic insert sometime during production
  • Wiper arms and blade holders are now black
  • Wiper squirters on hood may have changed during late production and are longer with two sprayer jets each
  • New paint colors available: Amazonas, Pastelblau, Jadegrun, Mintgrun, Sienabraun, Artisblau, Anthrazitgrau


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Mechanical and Engine Bay Changes
  • Engine enlarged from 2.8L to 3.0L, US compression revised from 9.0:1 to 8.0:1, early 2800CS oil pan has no baffles and oil pressure switch is mounted at lower end of end vs. upper portion of head
  • Manual transmission changes from ZF to Getrag
  • Automatic transmission changed from ZF to Borg Warner at 2250188, shift lever originally straight and becomes T shaped
  • Fuel tank enlarged from 55l to 70L during 2800CS production, remains 70L in 3.0CS
  • Front stabilizer 17mm in both
  • Solid brake rotors and rear drum brakes in 2800CS replaced by vented discs all around on 3.0CS, rear trailing arms and rear hubs changed
  • Brake booster changes from pancake style to thicker style at 2240222 and 2250146, Master Cylinder diameter changes from 23.8mm to 22.2mm
  • Differential 3.45 (38/11) in 2800CS, 3.64 (40/11) in 3.0CS, locking optional
  • Exhaust system changed from resonator and muffler in 2800CS to two resonators and one muffler in 3.0CS, tailpipe changes from 55mm to 60mm as well
  • Air cleaner has a rubber plug to access the preheat mechanism, this changes to an external mechanism during 3.0CS production deleting the plug, intake hose is 60mm changing to 70mm, preheat hose changes from 50mm to 60mm, changes occur at 2240377 and 2250316. Cover clips changed from solid straps to wire clips on 3.0CS during production
  • Emissions equipment changes from one speed relay and one electro-changeover valve in 2800CS to two speed relays and two changeover valves in 3.0CS, 74 3.0CS has three electro-reversing valves (dashpots) on firewall. EGR valve and balance tube between carbs added to 3.0CS at 2240319 and 2250247 as well as an exhaust gas filter and exhaust manifold changed to have an EGR port. The 74 models get a revised EGR and exhaust filter.

Interior and Trim Changes

  • Early 2800CS have no aluminum trim on backrests
  • Seatback release lever at bottom of seat moves to backrest at 2270350 and 2280370 on 2800CS
  • Headrests change from flat to peaked at the top corners during 3.0CS production, posts are 10mm until 3.0CS 2240543 and 2250439 with 12mm thereafter
  • Heater/Vent fascia uses international symbols, 3.0CS has words with internal illumination added during 3.0CS production
  • Instrument font is ivory, white in 3.0CS
  • Clock changes from mechanical to quartz during 3.0CS production
  • Tach redline is 6200 rpm in 2800CS, 6400 rpm in 3.0CS
  • Window motors change from sardine can style to improved integral motors at 2240634 and 2250501 which includes circuit breakers under dash, revised switches without ridge in center and with pins instead of spades, revised regulators and plastic door access plugs deleted, rear door card trim strip lengthened
  • Manual sunroof in 2800CS?, 3.0CS has manual or electric
  • Klippan fixed belts changed to retractable Autoflug: front seatbelts fixed and shoulder belt attaches behind rear seat armrest, 3.0CS gets retractable belts with roof mount for fixed shoulder belt
  • Hood release door changes from push button to black twisting knob during 3.0CS production
  • Emergency flasher switch moves from under dash to dash rail on 3.0CS, label changes from 69 to 72 and a resistor is added to the switch
  • Changes made to wiring harness
Exterior Changes
  • Kidney grilles have ten polished slats on all coupes until mid `74 when eight black plastic slots appear
  • License plate panel chromed brass on 2800CS, some have a small red reflector covering the license plate mount on 2800CS perhaps a dealer installed item
  • Tail lights have red turn signal lenses on 2800CS
  • Hood and fender grilles begin as chromed metal, change to partial satin/matte chromed plastic in early 3.0CS production and to black plastic during production (per the Parts book: at 3.0CS 2240645 and 2250504 all dark colors now get matt chrome, all light colors now get black grilles)
  • All coupes have a driver side trapezoid mirror, passenger side a dealer option until electric mirrors during 74 production
  • Wiper arms and blade holders change from chrome to satin on 3.0CS
  • Wiper squirters under hood moved to plastic squirters on hood of 3.0CS
  • Trunk badge on 2800CS has separate letters for the C and the S and are not as tall as the 3.0 CS
  • Bumpers changed to 2 ½ mph DOT requirements, front bumper brace strengthened, rear bumper mount uses a hoop with a cover, bumper ends get a metal/rubber mounting to body and mounting holes in fender moved, front guard rubber shape changes to more rounded shape, rear under riders get a spacer between guard and body at 3.0CS 2240391 and 2250319
  • License plate lights move from bumper to tail panel on 73 3.0CS at the same time, chrome plastic caps used to fill holes in bumpers
  • Front valance changes on 3.0CS in late 73 for 74 production with smaller slots on outer sides
  • Paint colors on 2800CS not available on 3.0CS: Nevada, Florida, Bristol
  • Paint colors on 3.0CS not available on 2800CS: Verona, Amazonas, Granatrot, Siennabraun, Fjord, Taiga, Ceylon, Turkis, Pastelblau, Anthrazitgrau, Arctisblau, Jadegrun, Mintgrun
  • Paint colors on both: Malaga, Atlantik, Colorado, Schwarz, Golf, Chamonix, Granada, Sahara, Inka, Riviera, Baikal, Tundra, Nachtblau, Polaris
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@HB Chris,

All content is consolidated. If you want to meld into a single reply. I will edit the original. Also, I will put together the username credits on those with deleted posts.

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Info worth including?
Relative to the above "bumpers changed to 2 1/2 mph...."As was discussed elsewhere last week, the front fenders/wings are same for 69-72, but the holes on the 73 (US only) where the bumper ends bolt through for attachment are further forward to mate to the bumpers that were extended for that year. Chris knew that, I didn't...
I don't know what the 74 US only does as far as attachment hole.