yet another thanks to Coupeguy


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i purchased and received a wonderful '71 2800cs from Coupeguy. i found Dan to be straight forward + i found him to be honest ... and most importantly, i think his descriptions of the car i bought to be very accurate - i have not found any surprises. He said it was as rustfree as any car he has sold in a while - i have looked everywhere, and its quite clean. i can also tell you that the photos didn't hide anything ... or shoot around bad things.

no matter how good they look, these are 40 year old cars after all. they generally are not fully restored concours cars. i'm sure there could be something hidden within by the way these cars were built ... and i'm sure if you look hard enough there could be an exception to every rule - and i'm sure there might be somebody that had a bad experience. i can't speak to that - i can only speak about my very good experience.

at the end of the day, i'm a happy camper + compared to other cars i looked at, i got a good buy at a fair price.

thanks Dan