1. peterkaczynski

    Turkis 3.0csi project (sold)

    Hello all, For sale I have my manual matching numbers euro 1973 BMW 3.0csi project located in Mountainside NJ asking price is $28,000 obo email from [email protected] “ The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 4340130 was manufactured on November 23rd, 1973 and delivered on December 05th, 1973 to the...
  2. ratso70

    Fjord 1975 3.0CSi

    Hi everyone, I think I'm finally ready to send one of my 3.0's down the road. This one is a 1975 3.0 CSi that I bought a couple of years ago. It was sitting in a garage in NJ since 1997 from the family that acquired it in the late '80s and imported it in 1990. The car was originally purchased...
  3. E

    1972 bmw 3.0csi $27,000

    I am selling my 1972 BMW 3.0CSI. A solid daily driver. Engines compression is good and the car runs smooth. There is a $5,000 invoice for recent work to make the car a reliable driver. Last week I drove the car 600 miles without any problems, no overheating, bakes work well. The 4 speed...
  4. C

    RHD 3.0CSI for sale, New Zealand

    My RHD 1973 Fjord Blue 3.0CSI is up for sale in Auckland, New Zealand. Asking price is NZ$30,000 ONO. It is straight, basically rust free, unmodified and is in good mechanical condition. Here is the link to the private sale advert with photos and description. If you are interested, best to...
  5. mario1017

    1972 3.0csi 4 spd

    I have a car that I am looking to sell in the near future. the car was from california, last ran many years ago. vin # 2262504 when new, delivered to austria. delivered on june 22nd 1972 to dealer. car was originally stored in california, trailered back to wisconsin by a relative after the house...