1. Quinn

    72 Bavaria for sale whole car or parts

  2. G

    FS 1974, 1975 BMW 3.0S and 3.0Si Rear Door Panel Wood Trim

    San Francisco Bay Area $40 for the pair. I found these while looking for parts for my 1972 3.0CS. They are the same height and width as the E9 car wood trim, but shorter. Could be used as patches for CS wood that is damaged. I take paypal and can ship. The last photo shows them in a car as an...
  3. G

    FS 1974 BMW 3.0S Tail light bulb holder Left Side 63211353733

    San Francisco Bay Area $40 Should fit many E3 cars from Bavaria to 3.3L 1971-1977 according to real oem. I removed it from a pick n pull years ago. Fits driver's side. Contacts are in good shape. I take paypal and can ship it USPS priority for cost of shipping. It is slightly too long for a...