3rd brake light

  1. adawil2002

    LED 3rd Brake Light Instructions & Installation Photos

    Here's how to make one, these directions are for BMW E9s and 2002s, so your measurements for extension wires may differ. Here's how to make one and install it. The 3rd brake light is an LED strip 1 foot long Alpena 180°red with 60" of additional red & black wire soldered with heat shrink...
  2. Willem Tell

    3rd Brake Light

    Hal Boyles from the 2002FAQ made up a nice 3rd brake light assembly for '02s. He responded to a request from E9 owners and just came out with a unit shaped to the E9 winshield. It's a good fit. Not much more than a folded paper in gap from edge to center. I used some left-over 3cm...
  3. dang

    1969 2800 E3 - Bringing "The White Car" back to life!

    Okay, I've finally gotten around to working on The White Car "aka The Turd" that I bought at Copart last year. I finished the '51 GMC and have pushed The White Car into the garage to start work. Last registered in 1994 but the car looks very complete and original. The plan is to get it...