air conditioning

  1. Dan Wood

    AC Vibration Damper

    Was the vibration damper eliminated in the later 3.0CS* cars? Maybe 73 and later? If so, what change allowed for it? 1974 CSI pic.
  2. Blinkling

    DIY - Aftermarket Evaporator Installed In A Coupe

    Hi Team. I set out this year to find a replacement evaporator for the AC systems in our E9s and E3s (and E12s and E21s). I found one (originally made for a 2007 Land Cruiser). It fits in the original box pretty well and it’s in my car working now. I’ll show you how I did it and then update...
  3. Bmachine

    Wet passenger floor from A/C

    Darn it. Just before I leave for a long trip I noticed that when I run my air conditioning on full blast I end up with a wet passenger floor. I did a search on the forum but, strangely I could not find anything even though I vaguely remember reading something about this a while back. Since it...
  4. m73

    Heater Panel Decals/AC/Wash + Wipe Stalk

    Please let me know if there is more interest in any of the decals pictured. Note -- there are only 2 sets of the 'diamond' heater symbols left and 5 sets of Wash/Wipe stalk decals (only 1 pictured). Cost is $10/ea including shipping or $18/ea for AC decals in both German or US lettering. PM...
  5. thehackmechanic

    My New Air Conditioning Book is Now Available on Amazon

    Hey, fellow E9ers, my new book, "Just Needs a Recharge: The Hack Mechanic Guide to Vintage Air Conditioning" just went up for sale on Amazon. The link is here: ( As you can see, it has my E9 on the cover...
  6. D

    WTB Air Con Console and parts

    Ok, see Im not the only one hoping to sort A/C for my non-AC 74 CS. I'll sell my own mother for some smart parts here. Right, gentlemen, who can help another desperate Aussie? d
  7. thehackmechanic

    Upgrading to a Parallel Flow Condenser

    (This just ran as my weekly Roundel Online piece (, but obviously it belongs here too, so I'll just copy and paste it in. It's over the 10k character limit, so I've broken it into two.) It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been 18...
  8. m73

    BEHR AC Decals (console)

    I have created BEHR AC stencils for coupe owners. You may reference the installation guide here: Each stencil costs $20/shipped (US only), or add $6 for international shipping. The price for a second stencil is an...