FS: Hood & Trunk Badges

    Near new condition. Later smooth plastic type. hood: 51-14-1-872-324 trunk: 51-14-1-872-328 40.00 US plus postage
  2. m73

    BMW Badges

    Just received my package from Germany....brand new 2002 badges :) Needless to say I am very happy with the results. These are for sale if anyone here is interested we can chat. Black shown-- there are 8 colors to choose. -Mo
  3. m73

    3.5 grill badge

    Hi guys, Anyone interested in a 3.5 liter grill badge? I am sending in some 2002 designs to Germany and wonder if owners would be interested in pre-ordering a badge. I have made a self explanatory catalog, JPEGs will also be posted to this thread.