barn find

  1. Michael Kaye

    CSL Barnfind

    Not sure if this has been posted before. NB I'm not affiliated with this car in anyway.
  2. m73

    Poor 3.3....:(

    3.3 Li in poor condition How rare are these? (long rear door version I presume) Not my photo & don't know about the car ( I would also credit the photo or remove if asked) -M
  3. mulberryworks

    St. Louis: BARN FRESH PAIR of 1972 E9 BMW 3.0CS

    Two '72 coupes listed on eBay. One is white and an auto, the other is Polaris, manual and still in the barn It ran when parked (love that line). Only one photo. Typical rust patterns visible. BIN of 18K for both. Uncertain title status. NMNA Ian
  4. georgebriggs

    Restoring a '72 3.0 CS I bought for $600 [VIDEO]

    Hey everyone, New to the forum, I've been waiting a long time to be a rightful member on here as I just bought a '72 3.0 CS. Like many of you I'm sure, it's been a dream car for me to own for a very long time. It needs A LOT of work but I think I'm happier to start from scratch building it...
  5. georgebriggs

    I just bought a 1972 E9 for $600.

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new owner of a '72 E9 3.0 CS. Not in great shape but I got it for $600. When I was 15 I first laid eyes on a BMW 3.0 CS and new I had to have one. 11 years later, I saw a white one for the first in time in person driving past me in downtown Toronto. I didn't think...
  6. C

    Reviving a "stuck" 3.0

    Hi group, I am about to pull out a '73 CS that has been in an indoor storage unit here in the southeast for 4 years. It is a humid coastal environment and the space is not climate controlled. Prior to this location it was garage kept in other locations in the Southeast as far back as 1992 when...