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  1. Blinkling

    DIY - Aftermarket Evaporator Installed In A Coupe

    Hi Team. I set out this year to find a replacement evaporator for the AC systems in our E9s and E3s (and E12s and E21s). I found one (originally made for a 2007 Land Cruiser). It fits in the original box pretty well and it’s in my car working now. I’ll show you how I did it and then update...
  2. m5bb

    Cleaning out some parts- Heater unit complete SOLD

    After a 4-5 year rebuild I have some parts. Not all together yet but this is a really nice one out of a 35000 mile car. I didn't use in my rebuild because I rebuilt my own from scratch. Heater housing unit with core and all control cables. This could probably be used as is. As far as I can tell...