bmw 3.0 cs csi

  1. patipatina

    I used to be ..

    a Porsche 911 guy .. And I still own 911s but I started looking around, drove a Saab 900 SPG for a while but sold it .. In other words - I made room for something else .. So I bought a 2002 tii and I absolutely love it .. Checked a beautiful 2000CS but that was not my thing .. So I looked...
  2. HBe9

    E9 coffee mug

    To all BMW coffee lover, really cool e9 coffee mugs at
  3. A

    Hello from France

    Hi everybody! My name is Andrey. I'm from France. I don't have an e9 yet, but started my little collection by e21 and e30. My real passion is restoring oldschool wheels. With my uncle we are searching an e9 coupe, ha has already a e9 convertible. Hope one day we'll find our dream car and...
  4. Frankie123

    Hello from Sydney

    Hi guys. New to the forum and am currently on the look out for a tidy CS or CSI. Have been a long time admirer of E9's and it's getting to the point where I think it may be time to bite the bullet and make a purchase. There are not many advertised at the moment and I am not in a big hurry but...