1. E


    I am offering sunroof cables from vintage Volvos which also happen to fit the BMW 2002 models and the E9. The cables are "all metal" and do not break like the BMW ones. I modify the cables to accomodate the "lower profile" of the BMW sunroofs. The cables are slightly longer than the BMW ones...
  2. Markos

    Sold: NOS Sunroof Cables - $150 shipped

    Hi Folks, I have a set of NOS e9 sunroof cables. They were bundled with some parts that I needed. There was a thread not too long ago that surfaced that these are NLA. Volvo cables work with some modification, but one Volvo side is also unavailable. The volvo cables are $150 plus tax and...
  3. Hummerbeats

    Help: Are these cables for the radio?

    Hi Guys, need your help with my restoration. I am looking to install a new radio and sound system in my E9. I bought the car with a missing radio however it had wiring for speakers. I am not sure what these cables are, but i think they could be for the radio, can anyone confirm...