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  1. DTS

    Euro 635 style airdam - brand new

    For sale: Brand New Euro 635 style airdam from 'coupe guy'. http://www.coupeguy.com/cscslrepropartsavailable.htm I'm finishing paint on a restoration and opted to keep the car 'as-is'.. The airdam is at the painters shop in Costa Mesa, CA and is in unused, original condition. Pick-up is...
  2. m73

    Euro Button Dash Decal Sets ($10ea)

    Selling extra dash decal sets I have accumulated-- $10ea set w/free tracked shipping-- Who is interested? PayPal: mofaraz@uw.edu I will send USPS tracking # when payment is confirmed. Best, Mo
  3. TG-2002-320i-328ci

    Rear Euro Bumper Question

    I am missing the left side lower vertical bumper rubber. I bought the part ($$$), but now I am scratching my head as to how to mount it. Does the entire bumper need to come off? Makes me wonder how the original disappeared (during the previous owner's use) Thanks for any help.