1. m73

    Leftover Festorics Decals

    Just found another pair of decals-- now for sale-- who wants one? These are for behind glass $5 each including shipping PayPal: mofaraz@uw.edu I will confirm payment & shipping for buyer(s) Thanks, Mo
  2. m73

    3x 'Festorics' window decal(s)

    I just found 3 extra 2016 Festorics decals if anyone here is interested in buying. $5 each + postage stamp PayPal: mofaraz@uw.edu Shoot me a PM for payment + shipping confirmation(s) Thanks, Mo
  3. m73

    Festorics Decals (pair) FS

    I have a pair (2) of Festorics decals for sale. Anyone interested? $10/pair PM me or send payment to my PayPal.me: https://www.paypal.me/MoFaraz I will confirm shipping. Thanks, Mo