getrag 265/6

  1. Michael Kaye

    5 Speed Gearbox Installation Questions

    Hi all. I’ve finally got hold of a good 5 speed Gearbox and Bell Housing from E23 728i for installation in my E9. I have the transmission mounting kit from CoupeKing and a hard to find seal/gasket. My car is a 74 and now that my mechanic is investigating installation, he has some...
  2. teahead

    SOLD: (now in SoCal) - Getrag 265/6 OD 5-speed - mechanical speedo + .....

    PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO post #11 for more info Unknown miles, but feels really good. Goes through all the gears. See video. I had one of the shifter mounting bosses professionally TIG welded and reinforced. Bellhousing nor the shifter is included. Easy to find a bellhousing for your block...
  3. B

    FS: Getrag 265 5 speed manual trans

    i have a good 265 for sale, including the speedo drive and your choice of early or Motronic bell housing. No excessive input shaft play. These are getting really scarce, so don't wait to do that swap... Located in Orange County, CA. Local pick up is greatly encouraged, but shipping can be worked...
  4. mulberryworks

    WTB: Entire Shifter mech for Getrag 265/6

    Title pretty much says it all. I need the entire shifter assembly for a Getrag 265/6 to fit my 1970 2800CS. Looks like a lot of it is still available if I can't find a used one. Ian