1. Tim Schoon

    BMW doesn't start after standing still long time.

    Hi all, My name is Tim Schoon and together with my dad I have restored a BMW 3.0Cs from 1973. I started working on it when I was about 5 years old and we finished it 10 years later when I turned 15. Now 2 years later we are still enjoying the luxurious ride we get from this beautiful car...
  2. Hummerbeats

    Help: Are these cables for the radio?

    Hi Guys, need your help with my restoration. I am looking to install a new radio and sound system in my E9. I bought the car with a missing radio however it had wiring for speakers. I am not sure what these cables are, but i think they could be for the radio, can anyone confirm...
  3. Hummerbeats

    New Coupe Owner

    Hi Everyone, Mandeep here from London, UK. Recently bought a BMW 3.0 CS, Manual with Sunroof in Silver. The car is fantastic, runs and drives but needs a bit of TLC, so bringing it back to life. I am hoping I am pick up a few tips and tricks and advice on restoring this car. If there are any...
  4. Atavistic

    Under dash Relay Brackets - Any Ideas as ours are missing?

    We are starting to re-wire the restored car and have two relays (pictured) which fit under the dash (there are two holes near the glove box) but we have no brackets nor picture of the tear down (so either lost or they were fixed some other way) - we can't see the brackets for sale on Walloch so...