1. B

    Nardi steering wheel hub

    This Nardi measures approximately 14.5 inches (aporoximately 370mm) outer diameter. To make it work on my 74cs, what will I need. I want to make sure the signal lights turn off. I believe it is set up for MBZ. I've always only used OEM steering on cars. Thanks in advance for your time.
  2. Markos

    Sold: 390mm Vintage Black Nardi - $250 Shipped

    Hi Folks, All these analogies about selling Nardi wheels gave me the bright idea. Really, I’m raising capital for the next project distraction. The wheel is from 1983, which may be older than your kids. Therefore “vintage”. The wheel includes a genuine momo wheel and horn mounting ring (not...
  3. E

    WTB: wood shifter knob and Nardi steering wheel

    Hi everyone, Proud new owner of a silver 1972 3.0cs! I'd like to find the following parts to fix some weird decisions made by the prior owner: - wooden shifter knob (preference is no logo but BMW logo is also fine) - wood Nardi steering wheel (with cast/solid hub) with BMW horn button...
  4. D

    Nardi Steering Wheel on eBay

    I saw this nice deadstock steering wheel on eBay. What do you guys think, is it expensive or the going rate?