parking brake

  1. Markos

    3D Printing: AC Face Plate & Console Vent Covers

    Before selling my AC Setup, I decided to send the E9 face plate out to a SolidWorks modeler to recreate. The part is in the mail and I should have a draft design by the end of next week. I called for three designs. One with the standard radio opening, one that is blank, and one that has three...
  2. deQuincey

    The handbrake lever upgrade "plus"

    The misalignment of the handbrake lever is a common issue in the e3 and e9, when handbrake is at rest you know you can move the lever horizontally up to 2cm in each direction (right and left) After thinking and rethinking about the "paul cain" handbrake upgrade, very wise solution, I have come...