petri bmw

  1. patipatina

    FS: PETRI 400 steering wheel

    Help selling a 400mm Petri steering wheel, no hub, no horn, just the wheel. First one is in excellent condition, second one I'd say is in a fair state, the rubber is a bit soft, missing a little piece on the left spoke. No idea about the value, open to reasonable offers. A college friend will...
  2. Wladek

    SOLD Leather 38cm Petri 380mm complete & ready to run in E9

    Hello, for sale is complete & ready to run Petri 38cm/380mm leather steering wheel, hub length is as CS/CSI. Steering wheel is genuine 380mm Petri, metal part of the steering wheel/spokes where re-chromed, grip was wrapped with new natural nappa leather - so whole steering wheel is in like new...
  3. Wladek

    "NEW" Leather Petri 380mm 38cm CSL CSI CS - SOLD

  4. Wladek

    Nice Petri 380mm ready to run in any E9 - SOLD