petri steering wheel

  1. Wladek

    SOLD! Very nice BMW Petri 400mm 40cm for any E9 CSL CSI CS complete & ready to run

    Hello, for sale is complete Petri 40cm steering wheel, hub length is as in CSL. Steering wheel is genuine e9 400mm Petri, wheel in my opinion is in very nice original condition, just couple little dots & one slight chrome flow on the rear part near hub (marked on one of the photo's), spokes are...
  2. Wladek

    "NEW" Leather Petri 380mm 38cm CSL CSI CS - SOLD

    Hello, for sale is "new" leather Petri 38cm steering wheel, hub length is as in CSL. Steering wheel is genuine 380mm Petri was satin re-chromed, then nappa (natural) leather upholstered. Condition of wheel is new, perfect (never used after renovation) - spokes 100% straight, grip is stiff. Hub...
  3. Wladek

    Nice Petri 380mm ready to run in any E9 - SOLD

    Hello, for sale is nice Petri 38 steering wheel.. Steering wheel have genuine plating (not re-chromed), overall condition of wheel is nice, front is very nice, one surface scratch, on rear there are some rust pitting on two spokes (rust pitting was cleaned & treated with rust converter), spokes...
  4. Wladek

    Nice Petri 38cm ready to run in E9 - SOLD

    Hello, for sale is my Petri 38 steering wheel, hub length 10cm (almost as in CSL 10,2cm). Steering wheel & whole set is in good shape, i think 7 of 10 (good driver condition) - spokes in genuine condition, 100% straight, grip is stiff just have some surface scratches, some dots under black...
  5. Wladek

    Petri BMW horn contact ring

    Hello, have for sale some new, never used horn contact rings for Petri steering wheel. Fit all 3-ring (35, 38, 40cm - 2002, e9) or 4-ring (38cm - e9 csl) bmw petri hubs. Very good quality, nicely made reproduction. Each set will consist of horn contact ring & mounting rivets (3mm/10mm (2x...