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  1. lafngrvy

    Not a BMW Racer??? But Still A Lot Of Fun!!

    Along with BMWs and MBs my father's dealership sold NSUs. So when I started racing he suggested I find the holy grail of NSUs, a 1200 TTS. I found one for sale in NJ and went with my friend Peter P. to collect it and bring it back to MN. I ran it in a few auto crosses in the fall, setting...
  2. m73

    Lotus 7 driver in awe of e9

    Just look at the Lotus/Caterham driver.....:) He is hypnotized by e9 handling & grace..... Also look @second pic-- looks like front bumper is tucked + missing bumper guards. -Mo
  3. m73

    Candid racing pictures

    I like the impromptu style of these professional photos. Photographer name is at the bottom of most pictures. Some would make a nice screen-saver for a week or two :) -Mo
  4. Kizilsakal

    CSL Photos Questions will follow :)

    Hi all I bought a CSL a few months ago and just finished getting a garage ready where I'll be restoring it. I have put together some parts of its history but I need some documentation for it. I found it's first owner and he says that he bought it in switzerland from motag and he drove it for...