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  1. Tony.dreamer

    Which relays are no longer available as new?

    Hello folks, Keshav helped me find a manufacturer that makes new replacement wiring harness . They use exact E9 wire colors and new connectors when possible . However for those connectors that are not avaialble as new they use the old housings from the wire harness each customer ships to them...
  2. Markos

    3D Printing: AC Face Plate & Console Vent Covers

    Before selling my AC Setup, I decided to send the E9 face plate out to a SolidWorks modeler to recreate. The part is in the mail and I should have a draft design by the end of next week. I called for three designs. One with the standard radio opening, one that is blank, and one that has three...
  3. J

    Rebuilt calipers

    I am selling odd parts I have a set of four pot ate front calipers fully reconditioned with hawk red pads ready to install $500.00 also have wiper relays (2) and pair of nos window switches make offer on them. Also have trans support cross member for the 5 spd trans conversion new 30$