repair manual

  1. C

    Manuals for sale not mine saw on Ebay
  2. mosearch

    SOLD: Factory Workshop Manual; Blue binder, 2500-2800.

    I have come upon an extra manual... As far as I can tell it applies to all 2500-2800 New Six sedans...1968-1969. Correct me as needed. It appears to be complete with all 71 subsections, and with 3 added supplements. Again; I don't know everything about this one-binder set; but since I have a...
  3. mosearch

    E3 Shop Manual Available

    In my new-owner enthusiasm, I went for it, and bought every relevant book I could lay my hands on. In the frenzy I ended up with 2 nearly identical shop manuals; one sort of "original" and another that looks like a faithful reproduction. See photos below... I'd be happy to re-sell either one...