1. D

    5 x MAHLE BBS ET22 ALLOYS 6 1/2 x 14H2-B RIMS VALUE?

    Hey All, I've pulled a set of 5x Mahle BBS ET22 Alloy Rims (6 1/2 x 14 H2-B) from my late 75 euro, and wondering what they might be worth? I believe they were stock on the car, but don't want to overstate if someone knows otherwise. The are in good shape structurally, with no curb rash or deep...
  2. mosearch

    Brother can you spare...

    Wanted: e3/e9 6x14 wheel: Does anyone have a spare spare they can...spare? The only real rust I have found on my recent Bavaria acquisition was in the spare tire well, and the steel spare wheel itself. It's pretty much rotted away at the bead; so I'm looking for a replacement. Could be steel, or...
  3. Ian_fegan

    Tyre size

  4. zak2002

    Factory rims & steel spare

    Have four factory e9 coupe wheels with a steel spare. Have tires on them that are OK, not great. No center caps. Two of the rims are perfect, the other two have very slight curb rash. $300 or best offer. Local pick up in 92626. Will consider shipping for actual cost.
  5. Ricks3.0

    WTB: Original rims 3.0csi

    I have found them. THANKS!