1. m73

    Original type CSL seat

    Sharing an image of an 'advertised' as original CSL type front seat. Maybe someone can point out the details. I am posting this because I notice slight differences between early scheels (bolster thickness/head rest, etc..) I would also add this seat was for sale in Sweden last year--...
  2. m73

    Scheel seat (x1) link

    Not sure if this has been posted before. But there are a least 1-2 new owners looking for one. Appears genuine albeit seller prefers not to ship.... Best, Mo
  3. NilsH

    CSL Scheel rear seat dimensions

    Hi all! I need your help with some dimensions of the rear seat of the CSL Scheel type cloth. Background: I want to change my interior to a more "CSL-ish" type. I've managed to get hold of the front bucket seats in good shape and the plan is to let an upholsterer try to replicate the rear seat...