1. R

    FS: Almost perfect Scheel 303 + extra Scheel sliders

    I go on in reducing my Scheel collection and offer my Scheel 303 in almost perfect condition. It is covered with the typical Scheel cloth and comes with a matching pair of Scheel sliders attached. The base underneath is only for display and not part of this offer. This seat was available from...
  2. Markos

    WTB: Scheel Tracks (I’m all set!)

    Hi Folks, I am short one set of tracks for my seats. I have the frames and the seat side of the track, but not the body side of the track. I understand that I will likely need to purchase the entire mechanism. If anyone has a spare set or a lead, shoot me a PM or reply below. Thank you! One...
  3. Wladek

    Scheel 400 seat - no longer available

    This Scheel 400 seat is no longer available
  4. m73

    Original type CSL seat

    Sharing an image of an 'advertised' as original CSL type front seat. Maybe someone can point out the details. I am posting this because I notice slight differences between early scheels (bolster thickness/head rest, etc..) I would also add this seat was for sale in Sweden last year--...
  5. m73

    Scheel seat (x1) link

    Not sure if this has been posted before. But there are a least 1-2 new owners looking for one. Appears genuine albeit seller prefers not to ship.... Best, Mo
  6. NilsH

    CSL Scheel rear seat dimensions

    Hi all! I need your help with some dimensions of the rear seat of the CSL Scheel type cloth. Background: I want to change my interior to a more "CSL-ish" type. I've managed to get hold of the front bucket seats in good shape and the plan is to let an upholsterer try to replicate the rear seat...