shift knob

  1. ratso70

    NOS Amco BMW Shift Knob

    Vintage NOS Amco BMW leather shift knob. Fortunately I have two of these and the other one looks awesome in my CS with a Petri wheel. $225 + shipping.
  2. rschick

    WTB: Steering Wheel Hub for NARDI 360mm Steering Wheel and Shift Knob needed

    I have a 1972 E9 Csi and am in need of the hub for the Nardi 360mm Steering Wheel. I purchased the steering wheel and all I need is the hub. Does anyone have an extra they would like to sell me that is in good condition. Looking for original as possible. I'm also looking for a shift knob as...
  3. mulberryworks

    WTB Wood Veneer for shift knob

    The top of my shift knob has suffered from years of sunlight and the veneer has deteriorated. I'd like to restore it rather than replace it with something else. Does anyone who's restoring their dash have a few square inches of walnut veneer they can sell me? Three inches square would be plenty...