steering wheel

  1. R

    FS: Victor Hubs for E9 (T42K) and 02 (T41K)

    ~~~SOLD~~~ Hi there, I'm offering a pair of Victor hubs. One is for the E9 and the other one for 02s but I think they can both be matched vice versa. They both have a crack, the one for the 02 some more, please see the photos. Both come with the screws and the corresponding horn contacts...
  2. R

    FS: Solid MOMO hub 153

    I sell my solid Momo 153 hub. It works with any Momo wheel in an e9 and with slight modifications also in an 02, see here: It comes complete with the contact ring and the screws and is in very...
  3. bluebmw

    Stacked MOMO Touring wood steering wheel

    Selling a very rare MOMO Touring steering wheel. This iconic design inspired the now-popular MOMO Indy. Stacked MOMO logo dates this between 1968-1973. 350mm diameter. SOLD!
  4. C

    WTB: 380-400mm Wooden rim steering wheel

    Hi All, Looking for a wooden rim 380-400mm steering wheel. Preferably silver spokes, Nardi classico perhaps. What have you got? Thanks, Cal
  5. B

    Nardi steering wheel hub

    This Nardi measures approximately 14.5 inches (aporoximately 370mm) outer diameter. To make it work on my 74cs, what will I need. I want to make sure the signal lights turn off. I believe it is set up for MBZ. I've always only used OEM steering on cars. Thanks in advance for your time.
  6. Wladek

    Petri 380mm CSL CS CSI - NLA

  7. E

    CSI/CSL Bonnet, boot, wings, doors + extras

    Hi, I recently cleared out my late father’s garage and came across some parts which I think are for a BMW 3.0 CSI. He used to own one back in the 80’s/90’s and we thought he had sold the parts with the car. A neighbour can remember my father saying he had some body panels for a CSL which he was...
  8. Wladek

    Petri 38cm ready to run in E9 - NLA

  9. Wladek

    Petri 40cm ready to run in E9 - NLA

  10. D

    Nardi Steering Wheel on eBay

    I saw this nice deadstock steering wheel on eBay. What do you guys think, is it expensive or the going rate?