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  1. Wladek

    BMW Petri 836 sport steering wheel, complete 360mm

    Hello Gentlemens, for sale is foam Petri 836 steering wheel in nice condition, diameter ca. 36cm Spokes/metal part was re-painted in black satin. Hub is custom made on lathe of aluminium with added original BMW splines part bolted from below with added metal adhesive in between + custom plastic...
  2. Wladek

    BMW Raid 360mm leather sport steering wheel - complete & ready to run

    Hello Gentlemens, for sale i have an early model of leather Raid 36cm sport steering wheel in nice condition, very pleasant wheel. Aluminium spokes are in original black anodizing, grip have original leather, hub is original Raid 22 (for BMW), horn button is also original Raid. Steering wheel...
  3. Curran 3.0S

    Repair manuals + where to get torque specs?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I picked up my 1974 E3 back in the summer of 2021, and I've enjoyed the car very much with the little time I've found myself in it. It's had to sit in my garage most of the time I've had it, I've been too busy unfortunately. This is also my first car believe it or...
  4. Germanseller

    FS: Alpina steering wheel original and new

    Hi! I found an originally packed Alpina steering wheel 380mm (38cm) hand sewn with original horn button and hub. If anyone is interested, please write here or pm. The price is 600$ including PayPal buyer protection, shipping (or air cargo) with DHL with tracking number and insurance...
  5. R

    FS: Victor Hubs for E9 (T42K) and 02 (T41K)

    ~~~SOLD~~~ Hi there, I'm offering a pair of Victor hubs. One is for the E9 and the other one for 02s but I think they can both be matched vice versa. They both have a crack, the one for the 02 some more, please see the photos. Both come with the screws and the corresponding horn contacts...
  6. R

    FS: Solid MOMO hub 153

    I sell my solid Momo 153 hub. It works with any Momo wheel in an e9 and with slight modifications also in an 02, see here: It comes complete with the contact ring and the screws and is in very...
  7. bluebmw

    Stacked MOMO Touring wood steering wheel

    Selling a very rare MOMO Touring steering wheel. This iconic design inspired the now-popular MOMO Indy. Stacked MOMO logo dates this between 1968-1973. 350mm diameter. SOLD!
  8. CallumNicklin

    WTB: 380-400mm Wooden rim steering wheel

    Hi All, Looking for a wooden rim 380-400mm steering wheel. Preferably silver spokes, Nardi classico perhaps. What have you got? Thanks, Cal
  9. B

    Nardi steering wheel hub

    This Nardi measures approximately 14.5 inches (aporoximately 370mm) outer diameter. To make it work on my 74cs, what will I need. I want to make sure the signal lights turn off. I believe it is set up for MBZ. I've always only used OEM steering on cars. Thanks in advance for your time.
  10. Wladek


  11. E

    CSI/CSL Bonnet, boot, wings, doors + extras

    Hi, I recently cleared out my late father’s garage and came across some parts which I think are for a BMW 3.0 CSI. He used to own one back in the 80’s/90’s and we thought he had sold the parts with the car. A neighbour can remember my father saying he had some body panels for a CSL which he was...
  12. Wladek

    Petri 38cm ready to run in E9 - NLA

  13. Wladek

    Petri 40cm - NLA

  14. D

    Nardi Steering Wheel on eBay

    I saw this nice deadstock steering wheel on eBay. What do you guys think, is it expensive or the going rate?