1. Michael Kaye

    Looking for 1 x Alpina 14 x 7 (U.K.)

    Hi all I’m looking for one Alpina 14 x7 wheel for my spare. I’m aware that W & N sell the so called 6th generation version but I’m in the U.K. and since we brexited buying from W&N is much more expensive. If I’m going to have to pay a bit more I’d rather get a more period wheel. does anyone...
  2. Bionicgold

    14" wheels and tires (set of 4) $250 obo

    In good condition. Tires tread is very good. Available for pick up in Seattle.
  3. dj_efk

    Yet another tyre thread - Please bear with me...

    Hi all, Before you all groan and tell me to search - I searched long and hard to see if anyone else has asked this specific question in the last few years! With a return to the U.K. on the cards after a long time abroad, the time has come to start getting the CS recommissioned and ready for...
  4. m73

    Nice wheels.....Campy's?

    Also from Thailand -- great look IMHO. Thoughts?
  5. B

    2 BMW wheels 5 lug

    I have a pair NIB/ NOS or reproduction BMW wheels. Not sure what model they’re for. Size in pics. Best offer
  6. mosearch

    Brother can you spare...

    Wanted: e3/e9 6x14 wheel: Does anyone have a spare spare they can...spare? The only real rust I have found on my recent Bavaria acquisition was in the spare tire well, and the steel spare wheel itself. It's pretty much rotted away at the bead; so I'm looking for a replacement. Could be steel, or...
  7. Ian_fegan

    Tyre size

  8. kurtd

    CS Hood and 7x15" BBS Wheels

    Time to clean out some items in the garage CS Steel hood $300 Currently Fjord Blue, appears to be originally Nachtblau. The hood is straight and rust free and the paint is decent but has some swirls and chips along the edge. Great for a driver but would need a respray for a show car...
  9. zak2002

    Factory rims & steel spare

    Have four factory e9 coupe wheels with a steel spare. Have tires on them that are OK, not great. No center caps. Two of the rims are perfect, the other two have very slight curb rash. $300 or best offer. Local pick up in 92626. Will consider shipping for actual cost.
  10. C

    M3 wheels fit?

    Sorry if this has been covered before...Do 15" OEM wheels from an e30 M3 fit a '73. Does anyone have a photo of what the stance looks like? Thanks, Charles
  11. zak2002

    Manual steering gear box - $800 or trade

    I have a nice manual steering gear box as removed from a 70 2800. The box seems to be low miles and has no "flat spot". Willing to consider trade for nice 15" or 16" wheels. I have been using 17" style 32 wheels on my 2800CS and want to go back to a better, more comfortable tire.
  12. Ricks3.0

    WTB: Original rims 3.0csi

    I have found them. THANKS!
  13. G

    Original wheels, windshield

    I live in Honolulu, so shipping costs are a bigger issue than for many of you. I am restoring a 73 E9, still a long way to go. I spotted an E9 recently on island, with original wheels. Mine got converted to newer, wider rims. I would prefer to have the original look. How much does a set of 4...