1. rbmacp

    Window lift keeps letting go of the glass

    My front door window regulators don't hold tight to the bottom of the window glass, and separate if pressure isn't applied to the top of the window when rolling down. What works well to give the window lift some grip on the glass?
  2. Ricks3.0

    Clips for top door trim?

    I am looking for the clips that secure the piece of trim that goes on the top of the door. Technically the trim that goes between the door and the window. See photo. Is there a source that these are still available from? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  3. Ricks3.0

    WTB Passenger side vent window mechanism

    I am looking for a passenger side vent window mechanism. IM me, e-mail, or post Thanks, Rick [email protected]
  4. decampos

    Driver's window has stopped working, suggestions sought.

    Driver's window worked but was considerably slower than the passenger's side. I removed the door card and began greasing the runners and the mechanism. Window started to speed up nicely, down, up, down, up, down, up, *stopped* The window now won't move, is not the switch as I swapped them...
  5. M

    Various E9 Parts; Seat; Steering Wheel; Switches...

    Seat is sold; other parts are still available. __________________________ I rummaged through my basement and garage and found the following parts which I no longer need since my coupe (a 1970 2800cs coupe) has found a new home. Please send a PM if you are interested. - Gobi tan front...