1. mosearch

    Minor windshield crack

    I am posting this on E9 forum simply because there are more folks watching it...but be warned; I'm actually showing an E3... Latest fun thing in my world is a thin hairline crack appearing on my lower windshield... It is really not bugging me too much; but I am wondering if I should get it...
  2. B


    WTB: Looking for rubber door seal--the one that goes on the body. Left and right sides. Mainly left side. Will consider good used one.
  3. ArVe

    WTB: E3 (68-71) windshield molding

    Hi everyone, Looking for a first series E3 windshield molding. Correct oem should be 51311814611 for I series and 51311828248 for II series. The second series molding is different as far as i know. Have seen for sale newer version molding but never an older version. Any ideas or hints where...
  4. G

    Original wheels, windshield

    I live in Honolulu, so shipping costs are a bigger issue than for many of you. I am restoring a 73 E9, still a long way to go. I spotted an E9 recently on island, with original wheels. Mine got converted to newer, wider rims. I would prefer to have the original look. How much does a set of 4...
  5. J

    Miscellaneous Parts for Sale

    These are duplicate or extra parts after my CSL restoration. NEW in boxes or bags: down tubes: 18 11 1 246 262 mobile tradition: $116.25us, $50.00 plus shipping for both 18 11 1 246 255 the paint on these is scratched. Not concours quality Oil pump for M30 11 41 1 269 550 mobile...