1. Tony.dreamer

    WTB Front doors (L&R) wood pieces !

    does anyone have front doors wood pieces that they are willing to sell? If so please send me photos and asking price! I won’t object to buy a whole set (complete wood set for E9) either ! Sincerely Tony P.
  2. Thomas76

    WTB-Wood Dashboard parts or assembly

    Its a long shot but to avoid the high cost of buying a complete setup I'm considering replacing just the bad sections. I am also open to buying one that needs a little love yet. The worst piece I've got to replace is the passenger side curved plywood (speaker cutout). The base is also a...
  3. Ajay

    Wood restoration SoCal

    After searching and searching for guys that do a great job on restoring the wood for my e9, I finally found someone who does a great job and goes the extra mile on this stuff. I know Bella does a great job and also Madera up in NoCal, but Madera was way out of my budget. I gave Igor my beat up...
  4. m73

    Console Wood FS (link)

    Why not? ... I mean if you are need :) NMNA (don't know anything about seller nor if price is fair) -Mo https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/215238-original-bmw-e9-2800-cs-30-cs-csi-shelf-board-for-center-console-genuine-rare-bmw-e9-part/