zenith carbs

  1. E

    M30B32 + carbs?

    Hello gentlemen, I have posted a thread here before asking about couple of engine options for my bavaria 2800. https://e9coupe.com/forum/threads/bavaria-engine-options-e32-vs-e28-m30.41887/ However, I ended up getting an m30b32 for good price because the b35s deals did not work. The guy I...
  2. Manthri Srinath

    Free, And Not So Free, Stuff

    I’ve got ‘74 USDOT (boo) bumpers and Zenith carbs (plus the fixins) to give away if anyone wants them. As is. You would need to pay shipping. Also, all 4 of those ‘74 bumper accordion pieces for sale. Lightly used. Pretty much in new condition. Also, a pretty freshly restored original CS...
  3. Hussar13

    Advice wanted: used Zenith carbs

    Folks, I would appreciate your candid advice. I have a pair of used Zenith carbs that came from our '73 3.0 CS. They worked fine before the engine blew but my mechanic preferred to replace them with Webers. My son-in-law and I had taken one Zenith apart and was pretty well cleaned with great...