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I also have a 3.0 csi. First reg. in 1974, it has vin 4340010, so it might have been built in late 1973. It has all the "series 2" things like this one.
I have a 3.0 cs from early 1973, and it is with "series 1" trim like my 1971 2800 cs.

Love that colour

Kai (denmark)


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New Jersey
I could always use some mentoring with statistical information, but my reading of the chart below suggests the vin is from the '74-'75 category. I see several additional indications of this being a "newer" model, e.g., the later style window switches, the later style steering wheel, the later style wheels and even the later "flag"-style exterior mirror. Hard to determine a date from the limited view of the upholstery and the turn signal/wiper stalk position seems to be an early style. Obviously any or all of these particulars (including the extra driver's side wiper arm) could have been added at any time to an earlier vehicle.

<table bgcolor="#e5e5e5" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1" width="750"><tbody><tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan="4" align="center">From 01/1974 Thru 12/1975</td></tr><tr bgcolor="white"><td>2.5 CS</td><td>4305001</td><td>4305600</td><td>600</td></tr><tr bgcolor="white"><td>2.5 CSA</td><td>4315001</td><td>4315244</td><td>244</td></tr><tr bgcolor="white"><td>3.0 CS/USA</td><td>4310001</td><td>4310393</td><td>393</td></tr><tr bgcolor="white"><td>3.0 CSA/USA</td><td>4335001</td><td>4335451</td><td>451</td></tr><tr bgcolor="white"><td>3.0 CSi</td><td>4340001</td><td>4341429</td><td>1429</td></tr></tbody></table>

ah thank you, but doesnt it seem strange that on the title it reads 75'?


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But doesn't it seem strange that on the title it reads '75?

Not necessarily.

In Europe the year it is sold often gets on the title so 74 makes sense. Don't think it would have sat until 75 before sold.

For any number of reasons, the car could have been sold and/or originally titled in Europa in '75. HB Chris offered this as one possible scenario.

Other possibilities include 1975 listings on a subsequent bill of sale, importation documents, or titles issued by a State or States. I am aware of a Euro model manufactured in 1973 with a State title that lists the car as a 1983. The owner has no definitive explanation for this other than 1983 was the year the car was imported and first titled in the US and no one bothered to correct things.