1. D

    Hirschmann Antenna for BMW 1600-2 2002 1500 1600 1800 TI 2000 TI tilux

    Hi all, I'm selling a Hirschmann Auta 4000 C 73 LS car antenna in very good condition. The antenna is manualy operated. Comes with original boxing and manual. Price is 200 Euro plus shipping and paypal fees. Location: Europe. Please ask for shipping costs. Worldwide shipping possible. Send me...
  2. Turn3 Garage

    BMW 2002 Heater Box Assembly - Rebuilt!

    Price: $800 Location: Saint Petersburg, FL Description: This heater box was removed from our 1974 BMW 2002Tii. It has been disassembled, cleaned and serviced. Work included replacement of the blower motor, sealing gaskets, foam, grommets, coolant hoses and clamps, as well as cleaning and...
  3. Turn3 Garage

    BMW 2002 Stock Rear Differential, 3.64 Ratio

    Price: $400 Location: Saint Petersburg, FL Description: This is a stock rear differential removed from our low-mileage original 1974 2002Tii. The fluid has been drained, housing and cover cleaned and painted, internals inspected but not disassembled. Rotates smoothly, no visible wear or issues...
  4. Turn3 Garage

    BMW 2002Tii Complete Airbox Assembly – Rebuilt!

    Price: $1200 Location: Saint Petersburg, FL Description: This is a complete airbox assembly from a 1974 2002Tii complete with the '74 smog valve, mounting brackets, new mount bushings, intake boot and clamps. It has been disassembled, stripped, media blasted, primed and painted in a satin black...
  5. zinz

    Texas Hill Country ‘02berFest

    No Coupes, but nice weekend, regardless. Ed Z
  6. m73

    BMW Badges

    Just received my package from Germany....brand new 2002 badges :) Needless to say I am very happy with the results. These are for sale if anyone here is interested we can chat. Black shown-- there are 8 colors to choose. -Mo
  7. m73

    2018 Marks 50 years 2002 in NA

    Hi guys, I have created a few new 2002 designs celebrating various accomplishments including 50 years in North America (2018) 2 notes: - If anyone wants a 2002 shirt please pm me & we can work it out-- they are quite nice albeit not e9 - 2018 marks 50 years since the e9's introduction & it...
  8. lafngrvy

    HMSA Spring Event in a Pair of 2002's

    We had our first race of the year last weekend at the HMSA Spring Event at Laguna Seca. It was my first chance to drive one of the pair of 2002's I got in trade for the Jagermeister CSL. These 2002's are pretty well known, and have excellent pedigree's. The #34 has verified Trans-Am history...