3.0 cs

  1. ccr2002

    Twin turbo CS on BAT

  2. P

    NEW E9 owner in Petaluma Ca

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a rear European bumper for 1974 BMW 3.0 CS. Already have the front, will be replacing intact American bumpers.. Any leads on where I can find/order one?
  3. Hummerbeats

    New Coupe Owner

    Hi Everyone, Mandeep here from London, UK. Recently bought a BMW 3.0 CS, Manual with Sunroof in Silver. The car is fantastic, runs and drives but needs a bit of TLC, so bringing it back to life. I am hoping I am pick up a few tips and tricks and advice on restoring this car. If there are any...
  4. K

    72 3.0CS on eBay in CT

    New poster here. Im a 2002 owner but wanted thoughts on this vehicle... http://www.ebay.com/itm/222364551113 Rust in all the usual places, not running but good interior?
  5. WISE9UY

    3.0CS Survivor with 44k Miles for $37.5k

    Not mine but wish it was.... http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/cto/5772754416.html
  6. D

    1973 3.0cs

    Thinking about selling my 1973 3.0cs. Downsizing and moving to a 2 car garage. Bought 4 years ago from San Francisco Sports cars. Drove approx 1000 miles in 4 years, engine has total of 5500 miles. Haven't been following market so not sure about price yet. More photos if wanted. Located in...
  7. B

    '71 3.0 CS For Sale - $31,500 Seattle

    Originally sold in 1971 as a 2800CSA (‘A’ for automatic) to a buyer in Los Angeles, this car has been updated over the years with improved drive train components, including a 5-speed manual transmission, vented disc brakes designed for the later model 3.0CS and a 3.5L engine built in the 1980s...