ac console

  1. Markos

    Yard Sale: AC Face Plate prototypes $25 - $75

    Hi Folks, I have a few prototypes that are good enough to do something with. See below, after this brief advertisement for new face plates. :D I’m capital for the next round of e9 bits. I have painted oem-like face plated printed in vinyl for $225 shipped. $225 Shipped painted $200 unpainted...
  2. Markos

    3D Printing: AC Face Plate & Console Vent Covers

    Before selling my AC Setup, I decided to send the E9 face plate out to a SolidWorks modeler to recreate. The part is in the mail and I should have a draft design by the end of next week. I called for three designs. One with the standard radio opening, one that is blank, and one that has three...