1. Bmachine

    Wet passenger floor from A/C

    Darn it. Just before I leave for a long trip I noticed that when I run my air conditioning on full blast I end up with a wet passenger floor. I did a search on the forum but, strangely I could not find anything even though I vaguely remember reading something about this a while back. Since it...
  2. thehackmechanic

    A/C Blower Motor Replacement with Bosch Part Number 0130063013

    Hey, folks. My regular writing assignments keep me pretty busy, so I don't have much time to write the kind of long technical posts I used to here, but here's a link to one I just did for Bimmerlife about rebuilding the evaporator assembly in my E9, replacing the blower motor with Bosch part...
  3. C

    A/C heat aftermarket unit

    anyone tried one of these units? saw on 2002faq site seems interesting I think wheeler/dealer used one on a 60's Volvo http://www.dtechparts.com/ac-kit-for-bmw-2002-and-most-classic-cars-mustang-camaro-bmw-cs-coupe-3-0-fj40-toyota-landcruiser-bronco-blazer-etc/
  4. D

    WTB Air Con Console and parts

    Ok, see Im not the only one hoping to sort A/C for my non-AC 74 CS. I'll sell my own mother for some smart parts here. Right, gentlemen, who can help another desperate Aussie? d
  5. S

    WTB: A/C Evaporator

    Need A/C components that fit within the console: Evaporator, switches and knobs. Any lead on these would be appreciated.