1. Markos

    Sold: 16” BBS RS005 Restored (Beautiful) Spare - $250

    Hi Folks, I am selling a restored 7x16 BBS RS005 wheel. It is lovely. It’s a spare, so no waffle and center cap. Shipping costs not included but I’ll try to leverage a shipping account. FYI - The mark at 10PM is just grease from my gloves. Paging folks with BBS RS. @adawil2002, @scottevest...
  2. D

    5 x MAHLE BBS ET22 ALLOYS 6 1/2 x 14H2-B RIMS VALUE?

    Hey All, I've pulled a set of 5x Mahle BBS ET22 Alloy Rims (6 1/2 x 14 H2-B) from my late 75 euro, and wondering what they might be worth? I believe they were stock on the car, but don't want to overstate if someone knows otherwise. The are in good shape structurally, with no curb rash or deep...
  3. Roadrunner

    Used original staggered 18' BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims w/tyres

    Hello, Just in case somebody's looking for some rare items for the other BMW models. Up for sale is a nice set of used original staggered 18 inches BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims with summer Michelin PilotSport PS2 tires. Initially planned to pamper my E31 850i with these beauties...
  4. kurtd

    CS Hood and 7x15" BBS Wheels

    Time to clean out some items in the garage CS Steel hood $300 Currently Fjord Blue, appears to be originally Nachtblau. The hood is straight and rust free and the paint is decent but has some swirls and chips along the edge. Great for a driver but would need a respray for a show car...