Used original staggered 18' BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims w/tyres


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Moscow, Russia
Just in case somebody's looking for some rare items for the other BMW models.
Up for sale is a nice set of used original staggered 18 inches BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims with summer Michelin PilotSport PS2 tires. Initially planned to pamper my E31 850i with these beauties but now focused on a different BMW project.
Fronts are 5x120 R18 8J ET20 with 235/40 tires;
Rears are 5x120 R18 9J ET20 with 265/35 tires.
The rims had not been seriously damaged, welded, repaired, just some minor cosmetic imperfections prior to being resprayed metallic silver all around including originally polished lips and are in a very good condition now. All 4 center locking covers are included and in good condition except of one on the wheel 4 which has a broken lock and a missing loop designed to remove the cover. For the convenience of the buyer I include an alternative working lock with required hardware and a set of keys which fits this item. Some minor fabrication is required to fix that but the other 3 locks are ok and work fine, 2 original keys are included. The set also includes 4 new seals for cover lock holders that prevent them from popping out of the cover.
Please note that the tires included will be ok for no longer than 1 (one) full warm season in case of a regular use or of course will last longer on a weekend or a hobby car.
Tried to provide as precise and complete description as possible but should you have any questions or need extra pictures please contact me without hesitation.
The price is $2990; PayPal payment. Upon request I can provide an Ebay auction link for extra security of the transaction.
Shipping. Buyer pays full shipping cost but I’ll make my best to offer the most efficient shipping option depending on the buyer’s location. Two air shipping options available to USA starting from $80 per 1 rim + 1 tyre set.
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Regards, Vadim.