1. m73

    Can you believe it?

    First picture I have seen of an e9 charging up....welcome to the future....
  2. m73

    Alpina Catalog

    Only 1 - page but still interesting -- note e9 Alpina variants:
  3. Markos

    Toronto: 16" Staggered 1979 Open Lug Alpinas

    Not mine. I have been talking to the seller Mike about picking these up. I was going to restore them and offer them up on the forum but the risk and effort is too high to make a few hundred bucks. He mentioned that they are likely a bit out of round, as evidence by some of the hefty wheel weight...
  4. m73

    Niki @ The Ring

    I kind of dig this picture....maybe its Niki (Lauda) or the 'lean' or 'cracked' vent window -- perhaps even a location (the 'Ring') ..... 'All of the above' will be checked on my behalf ;)
  5. NilsH

    16 inch Alpina wheels - are these copies any good?

    Hi all! I'm looking for the 16 inch Alpinas but they are rare and sooo expensive. Maybe this could be an alternative? Has anyone bought these copies? Experience? And you guys with...
  6. NilsH

    Stock Zenith carburettors + Alpina airbox

    Hi! First, I have little knowledge about carburettors so please excuse me if the question is dumb. Now the question: can the Alpina style airbox be fitted with the Zenit carburettors? If not, which type fits? I know that the Alpina airbox is very rare and expensive but I really think the...
  7. m73

    Cool B2s article

    I know this coupe is well documented here, but the photography in this article is neat: Worth a look, Mo
  8. m73

    'Mr.' Alpina

    Would a CSL Alpina be known as 'Mr.' ?.....certainly an important car in lovely golf:)
  9. m73

    'Gentlemans weekend'

    Dubbed as a 'Gentlemans weekend' .....I will let you decide.....;)
  10. WISE9UY

    Just some eye candy - E9 on Alpina 16" Staggered Wheels

    I finally was in the right place and time to buy a set of 16" Staggered Genuine Alpina's and fitted those to the car late Sunday. The sizes are 7x16 ET11 front and 8x16 ET24 rear. I had a bit of fun with filters but here are some photos in original and vintage look filters.
  11. m73


    Very nice example:
  12. B

    Alpina Lug Nuts

    Looking to buy (or get freebie :)) for Alpina lug nuts. I got a set for four wheels but three nuts have some rust issues. I remember some place to buy them (chrome) but can't find it now. What do the numbers mean on the nuts? 15RH?
  13. zinz

    Rare Alpina bits on De eBay

    He's got some uber rare bits, but you better have a Jay Leno kinda bankroll. NMNA. Enjoy Ed
  14. Markos

    WTB: Alpina Horn Button

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a Momo horn button with the Alpina horn button. I can get one on EBay, but figured I would check here first. Thanks!
  15. Roadrunner

    Used original staggered 18' BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims w/tyres

    Hello, Just in case somebody's looking for some rare items for the other BMW models. Up for sale is a nice set of used original staggered 18 inches BMW Alpina Softline 2 piece design BBS rims with summer Michelin PilotSport PS2 tires. Initially planned to pamper my E31 850i with these beauties...
  16. Kizilsakal

    CSL Photos Questions will follow :)

    Hi all I bought a CSL a few months ago and just finished getting a garage ready where I'll be restoring it. I have put together some parts of its history but I need some documentation for it. I found it's first owner and he says that he bought it in switzerland from motag and he drove it for...