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  1. m73

    Headrest tilt

    Anyone every see the headrest tilt like this before? & BTW that blue velour is appealing....
  2. Markos

    FS: Blue Arm Rests

    All in decent condition. I cleaned them but they could still use more elbow grease. One of the arm rests has more pitting on the chrome attachment point. You can also use your chrome attachment points. The natal bracing from behind is slightly separated (they are on every arm rest I have seen)...
  3. E

    Does your coupe need a second chance at a blue or black plate? (California)

    I don't think this has been posted, but California DMV has a legacy license plate program that allows any CA car to to get a new blue, black or even a yellow plate. If your previous owner let their registration lapse and lost their original plate (like mine), here's your chance...