1. Markos

    Sold: CSI Front Calipers: $125 Shipped

    Hi Folks, Not much to say about these. Front calipers for vented front rotors. This is an upgrade for all 2800CS and e3’s. These came directly off my CSI.
  2. m73

    Brake caliper decals

    Any interest in custom cut brake caliper decals? I just made some for 2002's and they came out wonderful :) Choices: 1) 2800cs 2) 3.0Cs 3) 3.0CSi 4) 3.0CSL I would like someone to accurately send a measurement(s) so they fit as good as they look. Vinyl material is Oracal high-temp vinyl...
  3. B

    WTB: BMW 3.0CS E9 Front Vented Rotors / Disc

    Like the title says, looking for old/used front vented rotors off a 1971-1975 BMW 3.0CS (E9) There may be other models that used these (I'm not sure?) Any condition as long as they are not cracked/broken. I need these to be able to test fit them on a project car I'm working on. Let me know...
  4. D

    Brake servo locations RHD

    Hi. Been a while since I posted my last update. All the body work is done and everything is primed (after months of body work and rust rectification). I completely stripped the engine bay and I have reinstalled the brake lines however I didn't take a photo of where both the brake servos are...
  5. Sparky

    Identifying tii brake booster and M30B35 clearance question

    I have an unknown brake booster in a 2800cs that was converted to triple sidedraft Webers and then to dual downdraft Webers. The booster is marked ATE T 51 and has a ATE part number label with the number 3 6152 0701.4 . Is this at tii booster? What is the outside diameter of a tii booster...
  6. nameless

    e9 DOT Compliant Braided Brake Lines

    These stainless steel braid over teflon brake lines have a substantially lower rate of expansion under pressure than factory rubber lines. This provides a more tractive braking system as well as a firmer brake pedal feel. Unlike the competitors, these brake lines are DOT compliant and feature...