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e9 DOT Compliant Braided Brake Lines


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These stainless steel braid over teflon brake lines have a substantially lower rate of expansion under pressure than factory rubber lines. This provides a more tractive braking system as well as a firmer brake pedal feel.

Unlike the competitors, these brake lines are DOT compliant and feature individually stamped DOT compliance codes. Compare our lines to any other manufacturer on the market and you will see that these are of the highest quality. We have worked with a number of other manufacturers brake lines in the past and have found failure modes from mismatched ferrule and tubing size to faulty tubing. You can rest assured knowing your instructions at the pedal will get to the calipers as efficiently and reliably as possible with these lines.

The braided lines feature a PVC coating for long term good looks and ease of cleaning. Our default sleeve tinting is clear, but we are able to produce them in a translucent charcoal, blue or red. All options show off the stainless braiding well.

The e3 or e9 kits feature six lines to replace all of the flexible brake lines (two per front caliper, one per rear caliper).

We have a multitude of design options with our braided lines, so if there is another application you need, feel free to email Jason Griffith, our engineering director, to request a quote.

Order your set today here.

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Jason Griffith
Engineering Director
Nameless Performance, Inc.