1. NWDBayArea

    Looking/Selling Headlights

    Hey, I am currently restoring a couple of headlights and am looking to sell some unwanted parts and buy some things I don't have. Please message me if you are looking at selling or buying any of these parts (pictures included). Buy: 4x Plastic Headlight connectors (hold adjustment screws into...
  2. Michael Kaye

    Car & Classic E9 buyers guide

    Just published in Car & Classic an E9 buyers guide:
  3. W

    What's it worth.... or.... What would you do?????

    Greetings all, I 've been a drooling, non-owning member for several years. I first fell in love with the 3.0 with Doug Nolans back at The Vintage in Winston-Salem back in 2012. I finally have a shot a one that has been sitting for the least last 6+ years. Thus far I have only been able to...
  4. W

    New to forum and "on the hunt"

    Hi there, I recently moved from NYC to Palo Alto and now have the opportunity to realize a little dream: owning a BMW 3.0 cs (after all I am German ;)). BTW: Was Bertone the designing company - it resembles quite a bit the Alfas (I know the 3200CS from the early 60s was)? In any case, I was...