1. m73

    Nobody posted this?

    Hagerty article: 'After 39 years, a long-lost 1967 BMW 2000CS miraculously finds its original owner'
  2. mulberryworks

    Desktop photo, stock Euro E9, Chamoix

    I found this on the web a while back, but the all white background was a bit much on the eyes to use as a desktop image, so I cleaned up the jpeg artifacts and changed the background to make the car pop out a bit more. Size is 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  3. mulberryworks

    Restoration of '70 2800CS 2270407

    So, it begins. I haven't rolled Hedwig into the garage quite yet, but I'm declaring my intentions to this little corner of the world on this Friday the 13th. I'll have a parallel thread on my own site that I'll list in the signature when I start those pages up. I'll list this restoration thread...
  4. mulberryworks

    And now I've landed in Austin

    Two score years ago I began my infatuation with German automobiles. Then it was the funny little air cooled sedans built in Wolfsburg and vans built in Hanover. I added several of the convertibles made by Karmann in Osnabrück because what is life without a little sun? They were so cheap and easy...