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  1. BMW3.0CSi

    Removing wire connectors from D-jet wiring harness plugs

    Hi all, Sounds stupid maybe, but I need some help or tips/tricks to get the connectors of the wiring harness out of the plug. To me it looks like its impossible because there is a kind of stamp on the backside of all plugs. I've tried several with a needle to press on the front side of the...
  2. Markos

    Sold: Bosch (D-Jet) Fuel Pump - $180 shipped

    Hi Folks, I have a functioning Bosh fuel pump for a CSI/CSL. Keep it in your trunk as a backup, or have it rebuilt (PM me for details). They are very easy to remove but the rubber hangers are very fragile. Full disclosure, the pump was seized when I first bench tested it. I removed the four...
  3. mario1017

    WTB D-Jet ECU and harness

    part number 13611355309 sorted all my wiring to find out i had the wrong ecu and harness :cry: also rear bumper for a 72 euro csi