1. frogish

    WTB: Dash ashtray, early coupes

    My -69 2800Cs is missing the large ashtray sitting in the dash, above the glove box. If anyone have one laying around, regardless of condition, I am interested.
  2. Thomas76

    WTB-Wood Dashboard parts or assembly

    Its a long shot but to avoid the high cost of buying a complete setup I'm considering replacing just the bad sections. I am also open to buying one that needs a little love yet. The worst piece I've got to replace is the passenger side curved plywood (speaker cutout). The base is also a...
  3. Markos

    Deconstruction Thread: How to part-out an E9

    As much as I hate to part out an E9, I decided to harness the opportunity. I picked up a '73 CSI from WA this weekend. Original Listing: https://e9coupe.com/forum/threads/73-csi-in-wa-4-500.19855/ The run down: The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2263445 was manufactured on October 05th, 1972 and delivered...
  4. L

    Another dashboard restoration

    Folks, I know the subject has been raised before although I wanted to shed light on the current price of having your dash done at just dashes and wanted to know if there was any other alternates. I've looked high and low for anybody else that does this service. My dash is trashed beyond belief...