e9 3.0cs

  1. alprada70

    2500 3,0CSL Complete Set for Door Trim Panel - Decorative strips

    Hi Guys Im reproducing the complete set for Decorative Strips for door trim panel and rear panel The Set contains: - 6 Decorative Strips (4 for the doors and 2 for the rear panel) - 12 holders (Different shapes and lengths) Let me introduce you the process: The decoratives strips are made by...
  2. Matt Dusig

    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    I recently drove the car over 1000 miles roundtrip, from LA to Chico and back to meet the original owner. The car was reunited with the husband/wife who bought the car in 1974 and sold it in 1993. Here's the car with the SF skyline in the background, at a hotel in Sacramento and original photos...
  3. HBe9

    E9 coffee mug

    To all BMW coffee lover, really cool e9 coffee mugs at vintageracerdesign.com
  4. Tim Schoon

    BMW doesn't start after standing still long time.

    Hi all, My name is Tim Schoon and together with my dad I have restored a BMW 3.0Cs from 1973. I started working on it when I was about 5 years old and we finished it 10 years later when I turned 15. Now 2 years later we are still enjoying the luxurious ride we get from this beautiful car...
  5. WISE9UY

    Beverly Hills Car Club New E9s on eBay

    So there are few new ones on eBay from our friends at Beverly Hills Car Club lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-3-0-CS-/222249266124?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33bf16abcc:g:fIoAAOSwLnBX2ELt&item=222249266124 This is the car that was listed in Kansas not long ago for 11k. I will now divulge that I...