FS: 1974 Fjord Blue 3.0 CS Coupe

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Connecticut, USA
Vehicle Summary: This original California blue-plate example has maintained its pristine condition throughout its entire existence and boasts an illustrious history spanning over 25 years with BMW of San Francisco and renowned independent specialists.

Originally acquired by a close acquaintance of the initial owner, this vehicle comes with an extensive collection of receipts, documents, and other relevant records.

Key Features:
  • All Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) match accordingly.
  • The car operates exceptionally well, delivering an impressive performance.
  • There are no significant signs of rust, and the body remains structurally sound.
  • The vehicle retains its 100% originality, including the interior, which has never undergone any restoration.
  • The dashboard and wooden speedometer accents are flawless, devoid of any cracks.
The asking price for this is $65,000 USD or best offer. Please note that this is an "As is" sale; however, the price may increase if additional work is performed before the transaction.

Should you express interest, please feel free to contact me via private message, and I will gladly provide further photographs and details directly.

As an ardent BMW enthusiast, I am committed to maintaining transparency throughout this process.



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