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  1. naccer


    Hi all. I have an ljet M30 engine that's complete if anyone needs one. 66k miles on it and wasn't smoking / was running strong when pulled. I'd like 400.00 for it if anyone needs it pm me and I'll get you pics. Local pick up in Atlanta. Best, Neal
  2. D

    Engine ID Help - 72' Bav

    Hey guys, New to the forums, I have a 72' Bavaria, and I'm having trouble id'ing the engine. I can about confused after an oil change, and the filter not fitting. The Filter was a tad too big diameter wise, and the oil filter housing in a bolt in from the top (which I like anyways.)...
  3. scottevest

    Repair shop in Boise Idaho for engine work any advice is appreciated

    My 1974 BMW 3.0 CS needs engine work. I am trying to find a reputable shop that can repair the rings and do whatever's necessary to make sure that it is running properly. I have been told by various different people different advice ranging from replace the entire engine for a cost of up to...