1. NWDBayArea

    Looking/Selling Headlights

    Hey, I am currently restoring a couple of headlights and am looking to sell some unwanted parts and buy some things I don't have. Please message me if you are looking at selling or buying any of these parts (pictures included). Buy: 4x Plastic Headlight connectors (hold adjustment screws into...
  2. Markos

    Consolidated Notes: E3/E9 Headlamp Washer System

    Hi Folks, As of late I have been attempting to better understand how the E3/E9 headlight wiper system works. I need to put together the plumbing and electrical for my wipers. I’ve talked to several folks including a sales contact in Germany, Nicad, Luis A., Carl at La Jolla, and Brucey over on...
  3. O

    40 year old European headlight switch

    I should have posted in this section initially. Mea culpa.... I took the Green Meanie out for a spin the other evening. Afterwards as I was pulling in I decided to adjust the brightness of the gauge lighting on the dash at which point the light switch just went limp and the bottom fell out...